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The Congenital Heart Information Network is a non-profit organization supported by membership donations, individual and indirect contributions, pin sales, and corporate grants and gifts.  Here are three ways you can help support our efforts:

Become a member of our dynamic organization and join our community!

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Make a donation online!  Use a secure credit card or send a check.  Memorials and tributes are also welcome.

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Please help support our organization and promote awareness of Congenital Heart Defects by wearing our pins

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Your support funds the following programs and services:

  • Parent/Patient Matching Services
  • Online support systems
  • Financial assistance to families/individuals in crisis
  • Funding for local affiliated support groups
  • Printing and distribution of informational materials
  • CHD Awareness Week materials and local activities
  • Web site hosting
  • Office expenses
  • Newsletters and mailings

The Congenital Heart Information Network (C.H.I.N.) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Donations are tax-deductible as a charitable contribution in the U.S.A. (please consult your tax advisor for details).

2014 Donations

Benefactors ($1,000 or more)

  • Denise Noble


  • Val Guerin
  • Peter Eglinton
  • Dr. David and Christine Sokol

In Loving Memory of Lily Onderko
Polly Onderko

In honor of Eli Hernandez
Leesa Waliszewski

In honor of Owyn Harris
Julie Harris

In loving memory of Roz Busler
Elayne Boosler and William Siddons

2013 Donations

Benefactors ($1,000 or more)

  • Robert Annicharico
    Denise Noble


  • Suzanne Dant

  • Shali Denton
  • Julie Du Bois
  • Jim, Jill & Glenn Hester

  • Kris Kellar
  • Denise Noble
  • Puravida Bracelets
  • Julia Retherford
  • Kristine Slovis
  • Karen Jill Sorensen
  • Gary Hacker
  • Michele Galuppi
  • Marla Maranca
  • Peter Eglinton
  • Lauren Totushek

In Loving Memory of Kohen Maddox Lusk

Judy Young

Gina Rivera


In Honor of Mona Barmash

Val Guerin

In loving memory of Brendan McQuade

Mary and John Yuskis III

Karen Bernetti

Joseph Antoniani and Kimberly Glenn

Suzanne Soda

Jillian Rohon & Family
Gina Greco
Michael Dorney

In Honor of Haley Katz

Alyson Katz

In Honor of Lisa Bettendorf

Judy Bettendorf

In Honor of Spencer Kult's 16th Birthday
Arijana Hoormann

In Honor of Baby Ryan
Dana Yenesel

In loving memory of Geoff MaCoy
Frederick Breen

In Loving Memory of Kohen Maddox Lusk

Judy Young


In Loving Memory of Liel Liben

Rita Scoggins

Judith Cohen

Jonathan Rosenberg

Marsha Stein

Deborah Rubin Fields

Carolyn and Stephen Goodman


In Loving Memory of Angelina Scaramuzzo

Kim and Lee Kirk

Diane Conway

In Loving Memory of Nathan Kilgo
Sondra Kilgo

In Loving memory of Jasper Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

 2012 Donations

Membership Donations

Maureen Adams

Barbara Hart Pete and Michelle Roth The Hamburg Family

Matthew Alexander

Jasper Johnson's Family

Donald and Pamela Sabell

The Haviland Family

Theresa Blanco

Michelle and Victor Jonas

Bruce Salzman

The Herrmann Family

Maribeth Boelts

Arlyn Kerr

Bettina Schoefer

The Jones Family

Brenda and Bill Booth

Jamie and Kaitlin Kimmel

Robert and Rita Scoggins

The Hierholz Family

Pam and Les Bowden

Chris Kunze

Anne Schenk

The Hochstein Family

Chris and Kate Brown

Philippe and Annabel Lavielle

Terry and Jane Skalmoski

The Hoerlein Family

Debbie W. Burton

Jodi Lemacks

Janet and Katie Steffen

The Hoffman Family
Maria and Bruce Cameron

Mat, Shari and Lissie Maurer

Susan Timmins

The Iannazzo Family

Camp Odayin

Justin "M.F." McLloyd

Cheryl Tobias

The Lane Family

CHD Brothers

Laura Moorman

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Tong

The Brett Leonard Family
CHD Coalition

Michelle McNicholas Power

Meredith and Matt Walton

The Lewis Family

Becky Conway

Colleen Melchiorre in honor of Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Weicher

The Liguori Family

Angela, Danny & Kristen Cox

Mended Little Hearts of Binghamton

The Baakko Family

The Lihn Family

Alysanne Crymes

Barbara Merryfield

The Bell Family The Loughner Family

Kathleen Cummings

Judy Roberts Miller

The Bovenizer Family

The Mirante Family

Darren, Kay and Kendra DuBois

Jennifer & Mark Mitchell

The Burton Family The Mahony Family

Teresa & Brian Dysert

Mark, Lisa and Dash Molloy

The Calhoun Family The Matthews Stetz Family

Lee and Sheila Elberts

Laura and Lew Moorman

The Christensen Family The McIntyre-Brewer Family

Carolyn Fabian, RN

Mary Muir for my twins, Jon & Katie

The DiSanto Family

Anita Moreno Marcelo
Judy Fabiniak

Jared and Beth Nelson

The Coates Family The Miller Family

Monica Farrell

Caleb Noerr

The Cummings Family The Newcomb Family
Sue Fisk

Helena and Guilherme Nogueira

The Davis Family The Niemeier Family

Emily Follman and Joe Levine

Mark and Connie O'Connell

The DiFabio Family The Nilsen Family

Bev Foster, PhD, RN

Jennifer & David Olsen

The Frey Family

The Norton Family

Peter, Diane and Parker Fox

Kirsten Olson and Richard James

The Dumas Family The Radel Family

Michael Friedman

Linda Postula

The Dutra Family in honor of Madeline The Redmond Family

Bethann Frillman and Subodh Karnik

Charlie and Aycha Rae

The Easley Family The Reeds

Matthew Funk & Family

Keri Reigle's Family

The Flannery Family The Sarvis Family

Emmie Grace's Family

Dan and Julia Retherford

The Freedman Family The Scarcelli Family

Steven and Kay Guinn

Julie Reves

The Funkhouser Family The Sekera Family

Cheri Gutting

Anka Roberto

The Guerin Family The Smith Family

Dana Hageman

Jamie Roose

Karen & Emily Hackett The Waterbury Family

Julie Harris



Benefactors ($1,000 +)

  • Denise Noble
  • The Davis Family

Recurring Donors

  • David Hurley
    Dr. and Mrs. David Sokol


  • Michele Galuppi
  • Gary Hacker  
  • University of South Carolina School of Nursing
  • Deena Dicandilo
  • Megan McGinnis
  • The Lane Family
  • Judith Kaiser
  • Peter Eglinton
  • Cohen Feeley Charitable Foundation
  • Justin McLloyd
  • Robert Bruce Holcomb

**Anonymous special friends

In loving memory of Angela Cellini-Curry
David Curry

In loving memory of Jessica Marie Jensen
Nancy Jensen

In loving memory of Rebecca, our little heart angel
The Kellar Family

In Loving Memory of Owen Patrick Lavin
Melissa Lavin

In loving memory of Liel Liben
Chris Atherton

In Honor of Jason Gillis
Elizabeth Gillis

In loving memory of Logan Scott Zelen
Kenneth Zelen

In loving memory of Severin G. Brenny
Tina Reid

In Loving Memory of Tressel Meinardi
Joetta Carles

In loving memory of Geoff MaCoy
Frederick Breen

In honor of Judy Fabiniak
Karen Ebersman

In loving memory of Brendan on the occasion of Jim and Doris McQuade's 50th Wedding Anniversary
Sue and Jack Jobe

In honor of Rebecca Lovett
The Barton Family

In Loving Memory of Riley Curtis O'Brien
Marla Maranca

In Loving memory of Cora
Kristine Brite McCormick

In loving memory of Logan Gabriel
Kathy Zeleya







  • Eileen Hierholz
  • Anne Gammon
  • Jennifer Burns
  • Justin McLloyd
  • Jennifer Burns
  • Liz Nilsen
  • Wendy Lane
  • Toms RIver Intermediate School North
  • Dana Hageman
  • Tanya Harmon
  • Employees of Cangelosi & Holmes, Inc.
  • Donna Johnson

2012 Spencer's Fund


  • Peter Kellner


  • Wendy Leibold
  • Dave Sanders
  • Elizabeth Serflek

In loving memory of Sebastian Castelda
The Cousins Family
The ONCIX/Security Family
Sharon Castelda

In honor of Jackson Flannery
Wendy Flannery

 2011 Donations

Membership Donations

Benefactors ($500 or more)

  • Children's Heart Center Nevada
  • Maureen Adams


  • Denise Noble



  • Brenda and Bill Booth
  • Josh and Ruth Burton
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Calhoun
  • Gary & Joetta Carles
  • Grandma Cheri
  • Phil and Jen Dougherty
  • Teresa Dysert
  • Sue Engel Fisk
  • Family of Theresa Frost
  • Steven and Kay Guinn
  • Gary and Kate Hacker
  • Eileen Hierholz
  • Allison and Jeffrey Johnston
  • Mary Keenan (In loving memory of Gertrude Parsons)
  • Judy Miller
  • Laura and Lew Moorman
  • Jennifer and David Olsen

**Anonymous special friends


  • Don and Pamela Sabell
  • Anne Schenk
  • The D'Anjou Family
  • The Fetzer Family
  • The Frey Family
  • The Haviland Family
  • The Jones Family
  • The Nogueira Family
  • The Paulk Family
  • The Roose Family
  • The Sarvis Family
  • The Scoggins Family
  • Anne Schenk
  • Mary Ann and Rich Weicher
  • Gil Wernovsky, MD
  • John, Sherrie and Joey Williams



  • The Rippy Family
  • Jacqueline WIlliams
  • Judith Fabiniak
  • Gabriela Arroyo
  • Norristown Area School District: Student Activities Fund
  • Gary Russell
  • Marcus Kazmierczak
  • David Hurley
  • Kathryn Wright
  • Scott Slavaggio
  • Thelma Hemenway

**Anonymous special friends

In Honor of Dhillon Shah's 9th Birthday!  Vijay, Deborah and Serena Shah

In honor of Cora Guerin
Toms River Intermediate School North

In loving memory of Hannah Ahrens
Debi Barrett
Chris Atherton
Caroline Ahrens

In loving memory of Angela Leigh Cellini-Curry
David Curry

In loving memory of Patricia Hoffman
Michelle and Michael Miloszar

In loving memory of Jimmy Doan
SHS Wrestling Booster Club

In honor of Gavin Rice
Tina Rice

In Honor of Natalie, our Princess Warrior
Richard Bent

In loving memory of Logan Scott Zelen
Kenneth & Jessica Zelen

 In loving memory of Nickolas Massengale
Vickie Amos

In honor of Jacob Taliaferro's 9th Birthday
Shali Denton

In honor of Max and Annie's marvelous fight and recovery
Brian and Lee Pirnat

In loving memory of Michalyn Shontel Robinson
Amber Litz

In honor of Mackynlee Bedwell's 2nd Birthday
Kathryn Lowery

In honor of Parker Fox, Eric Baemayr, and CHD Awareness Week
Diane Fox

In honor of Keaton Legend Scoles 1st Birthday
Diana Scoles

In honor of Bentley's fight against CHD and upcoming transplant
Jessica Turner

In loving memory of Lily Onderko
Bridget Foertch

In honor of Gwendolyn Paige McKee
Gretchen McKee

In honor of Johana Bauer
Amanda Birnbaum

In loving memory of Geoff MaCoy
Frederick Breen

In honor of Natalie, our princess warrior
The Bent Bunch of Colorado

In honor of Gavin Rice
Tina Rice


  • Jennifer Covey
  • Mickey Wilder, RN
  • Bridget Ziegler
  • Anna Klimek
  • Helping Hands Healing Hearts
  • David McDaniels
  • Shane Cherry
  • Dr. David and Kristine Sokol
  • Michelle and Scott Ganson
  • Sharon Lemon
  • Christina Kunze


Spencer's Fund 2011

  • Theresa Kult
  • Dominican Sisters of the Perpetual Rosary
  • Judith Burns
  • Dean Crow
  • Leonard H Dagit, Jr.

In loving memory of Henry T. Lorent
Neighbors of Henry T. Lorent
Ann and Tom Lyon
Retired State Police Association of PA, Inc
Barbara Tscheu
Debra Wilson
Cal Leventhal

In honor of Collin C. Broughton
Broughton Painting and Decorating Co., Inc
Kristin Collier & Jason Taddeo

In loving memory of Henry T.J. Lee 
Christopher Lee

In honor of Alaina Link's 7th Birthday
Jessica Tremain

In loving memory of Sebastian Gulab Castelda

Frank Romanelli

Andrew Steffensmeier

Mary Ashmore Akiko Bentz
Betty and Tom Jenkins Denise Rich
Shirley and Barry Billingsley Phyllis Moer
Sunil, Mrinal, Nikhyl & Tasha Jhangiani          Kathleen Chewning
Constance Cousins-Leatherman James & Emily MacKillop
Michael, Ella and Mikey Bear Varco Ramesh & Hansa Butani
Beth and Ronnie Shaw Narayan Tolani
Josie DeMarce and Brian Babcock Kelly, Larry, and Avery Dake
Marianne Lloyd Melissa Bogursky & Roger Jennings
Dana Holohan Susan Parker
Ratan & Nirmala Bhavnani Charlotte Singletary
The DeSerio Family Lorraine Ryan
Anisha Thadani Ann Orem
Robert Gersony Nancy & Leo Gorman and Family
Great Falls Sunshine Club Dakota Witzenburg & Audrey Diehl
Anne Bentz Derek Lord
Evan and Nicole Risovi

Colleen Lemkuil

Meenakshi Jagtiani Baldeon-Masturzo Family


  •  Judith Goggin

  • Cohen & Feeley Attorneys at Law

 Membership Donations 2010

Benefactors ($500 or more)

  • Maureen Adams


  • Robert Annicharico



  • Uwe Baemayr
  • Pam, Les, and Brad Bowden
  • Penny Cummings
  • Alysanne Crymes
  • Judith Fabiniak
  • Monica Farrell
  • Sue Fisk Family
  • Peter, Diane and Parker Fox
  • Jill Frey (In honor of Zachary)
  • Bethann Frillman
  • Bill, Dianne, Collin and Lliam Hepplewhite
  • Fred and Eileen Hierholz
  • Kirsten Olson & Richard James
  • Becca Johnson (Jasper's Mom)
  • Bob and Kelly Johnson
  • Brad and Donna Johnson
  • Allison and Jeff Johnston
  • Mary Keenan
  • Les and Arlyn Kerr
  • Drs. Russell and Angie Kinzinger
  • Jennifer & Mark Mitchell
  • Ms Judy Roberts Miller
  • Charlie & Mary Muir

**Anonymous special friends


  • Jared & Beth Nelson
  • Debra Quick-Jones
  • Susan and David Swain
  • The Bigsby Family
  • The D'Anjou Family and Karen
  • The Dant Family
  • The Dutra Family
  • The Funkhouser Family
  • The Gravel Family
  • The Haviland Family
  • The Hill Family
  • The Laughorn Family
  • The Matthews Stetz Family
  • The Muyano Family
  • The Nilsen Family
  • The Roose Family
  • The Sarvis Family
  • The Scoggins Family
  • The Wallace Family
  • Matt and Meredith Walton
  • John, Sherrie and Joey Williams
  • Laurie Young
  • Julie Wright

Private Donations


  • Kathy Ware
  • Cari Darminio
  • Carol-Ann Higgins
  • Kat Elmore
  • Nick Bodkin
  • Sondra Baker Kilgo
  • Grace King
  • Emily Follman
  • Kenneth and Jessica Zelen
  • Karen Krenke


  • Gregory Korman
  • Judy Vest
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • David Hurley
  • Christina M.Davis
  • Gary Hacker
  • Cary Dingman
  • DaVita Inc.
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Barbara Danquist

Friends and family gathered to honor Mackynlee Bedwell's first Birthday at a CHD Awareness/Celebration of Life party in Foxworth, MS.  More than 200 people were in attendance and donated $1,050 to support CHD parent/patient educational services, research, and support.

In honor of my little hero Luke
The Toth Family

In honor of Leila Claire Olivi
Tara Olivi

In honor of Dash Sebastian Molloy
Lisa Molloy

In honor of Gil Wernovsky, MD and Baby Blue Sound Collective
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Haimes

In Loving Memory Of Jessica Jensen
The Scoggins Family

In loving memory of Brendan McQuade
Anthony and Jack Lodico
Mohammad and Nola Pasha
Patricia Hartin
Karen DeVine
Rachel, Jessica & Nicholas Wallinger
John Whitehead
Marie and Michael Solomon
Wilma Jagusch
MaryEllen Price
Elizabeth Deluca
Hanni Fick
C Group, Danbury Fire Department
Dodd Middle School PTA
Mr. and Mrs. Don McGill

In honor of Jake Liguori's 11th Birthday and his bravery and strength!
Pam Ligouri

In honor of Addie Coming Home!
Dana Klein

In loving memory of Angela Cellini-Curry
David Curry

In loving memory of Jayce Fieldsted
Bryce and Jessica Karulak

In loving memory of Geoff MaCoy
Fred Breen

In loving memory of Amia Ollie McCreary
The Hyden Family

In honor of Cora Guerin
Toms River Intermediate School North

In loving memory of Johnny Aquilino
Peter and Susan Tancredi
Cynthia Way
Eugenia Braun
Marie Taubman
Laura Burns and John Cmar
Susan Wilkinson
The Kenny Family
L. Jan Zima
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Jr.

In honor of  Michelle Stecher
Courtney Hobart

In honor of our Granddaughter, Anniston Claire
Judy Groll

In honor of Riley McKenzie Norton
Jack Norton

In honor of Katy Russell's 2nd Birthday
Patricia Russell

n celebration of Charlie Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

In honor of Brady Hopkins
Julia Hopkins

In honor of Katy Russell's 2nd Birthday
Patricia Russell

In loving memory of Joseph Schaffter
The Mazza Family
Billy and Christine Di Corcia

In loving memory of James Mannix
Marybeth DiNubile

In loving memory of Lily Onderko
Chris Foertch and family

In loving memory of Veronica Jane Easley
Olivia Easley

In honor of Gwendolyn McKee, my brave little Heart girl.
Gretchen McKee

In honor of our beautiful brave daughter Cristina Nicohl
Heather Cinca

In honor of Eric Baemayr's Graduation
Greg, Kina, Daniel & Ethan Howard

In loving memory of Olivia Huelsbergen
Benjamin and Sara Huelsbergen

Spencer's Fund 2010

  • Roxanne Halpine
  • Nancy Persons
  • Christopher Basler
  • Michael Schmeltzer
  • Peace Institute Printing, Inc.
  • Gil Wernovsky, MD
  • Thomas and Metrodora Fredricks
  • Cokesbury United Methodist Church
  • Thomas and Linda Kraeft
  • Megan Tilley Biggs
  • Judy Ingrassia Canning
  • Cristopher Kult
  • Denise Mummery
  • Little Hearts, Inc.
  • Melinda McFarland

  • BonnieBee Werra

In honor of Gracie Simpson's 2nd Birthday
Paula Simpson

In honor of our daughters, Brynn and Alexa Kelter
Ken and Laura Kelter

In honor of Allison Teger who had the gift of a new life after heart surgery
Sandra Teger

In loving memory of Joseph Schaffter
Donna Abatemarco
Kimberly Mazza
Christine Stanzione Di Corcia

In loving memory of Armand D. Vasco
Ted Johnson

In honor of Gracie Simpson's 2nd Birthday
Paula Simpson

In loving Memory of Shirley Warner
Theresa Siebel

In honor of Kathy Broughton, her husband and their beautiful little Collin
Rina Colin and Finn Studds

 Private Donations


  • Denise Noble


  • James Marsicano
  • Ernesto Araujo
  • Meredith Vey
  • Toms River Intermediate School North
  • Sally Pearson
  • Sue Fisk
  • Tom and Allison Deters
  • Kathy Ware
  • Falin McMellon
  • Thankful For Grace, Inc
  • Kathryn Wright
  • Karen Krenke
  • David and Christine Sokol
  • Carmella Sinisgalli

  • In loving memory of Galen Bradley-Hurley
    Mary Bradley and David Hurley

  • In honor of Caelen Desmond Gorman
    Judith Harris

  • In loving memory of John Griffin
    Joann Sommerhalter

  • In loving memory of Kristie Kemmerer
    Mary Ellen and Robert Hauck
    Dr. and Mrs. Bill Weisburger
    Martin and Patricia NcNulty
    Helen Manigold
    Joseph Schmidt
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McNulty
    Ditmar and Kathy Weiss
    Steve and Lynne Andrews

  • In loving memory of Michael Georgeff
    Carmella Sinisgalli
    Virginia Collins
    Tom and Linda Smith
    Joan Parks
    Scott Mitzel
    Helen Georgeff

  • In loving memory of Fernando Coriano
    Community Housing Opportunities Corporation

  • In loving memory of Geoff MaCoy
    Scott Mager
    Ciro Buttacavoli
    Adam Richards
    Crystal McMillin
    Scott Mario
    Donna Graves
    David Smith
    Grant Thornton LLP
    Mark Lambert
    Darrin Mowrey
    Fred Breen
    Darrell and Ashley Harris
    William Breen

  • In loving memory of Maxwell Ramstrom
    Sabra McGinnis

  • In loving memory of Joni Cromwell Loyd
    Donna Walker

  • In loving memory of Allison Frowley
    Dedra Sacki

  • In honor of Cole Christopher Sargenti
    David, Stacy, Corrine, Owen, Elsie Sargenti
  • In honor of Autumn Hokulani Ginn's 3rd birthday
    Patricia Potter
    Jessica Cummings
  • In honor of Emery Funkhouser's successful Glenn
    Keely Funkhouser

  • In honor of Bailey Ziegler
    Bridget Ziegler

  • In honor of  Bridger James Smith
    Jessica Seevers

  • In honor of Lily Blumer
    Kim WIlson

  • In honor of Hailey Pennington
    Stephanie Pennington

  • In honor of Gabe, who has such a brilliant, shining spirit and a beautiful heart
    Kate Keeley
  • In honor of Talia Goldberg's First Birthday
    Sandra Hirschhorn
  • In honor of Hayden R. Danish
    Lauren Gazda

Spencer's Fund Donors

  • Ellen Henderson
  • Judy Ann Body
  • Joanie Dorsey
  • Kimlet Nichols
  • Melinda McFarland
  • Robert and Laurel Kult



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