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PDHeart, founded in 1995, is a very active online support group and discussion forum for parents, family members and adults with congenital heart defects. If you have a child with CHD, if you have CHD yourself, or if you are a concerned individual, please join us!

Our online support groups are one of the benefits of membership in The Congenital Heart Information Network.  If you are not yet a member, click here for more information.

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It is customary for new PDHeart list subscribers to introduce themselves to the rest of the list. If you are new to the group, please consider sending a brief message introducing yourself and your family to the list, filling everyone in on your connection to CHD.

The History of PDHeart

In March 1995, Dr. Jim Revkin (currently Cardiology Director, Waterbury Hospital Health Center in Waterbury, CT and a professor of cardiovascular medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine) set up a manually operated mailing list, called "Heart," on his computer. He did this to provide a forum for people to exchange ideas on cardiac disease.

By December 1995, it was evident that many of the participants on the Heart list list were particularly interested in CHD, so Jim created a new list for CHD discussion. PDHeart ("PD" is ostensibly short for "pediatric") was born!

Initially, the PDHeart list had 30 subscribers. By July 1996, the PDHeart list had grown to about 100 members. The Yale University School of Medicine started up a mailing list server at that time and the PDHeart list moved there, becoming automated. The list continued to grow and was quite busy.

Early in 1997, the powers that be at Yale noticed that the PDHeart list generated about 20% of all e-mail traffic on the server. They suggested to Jim that a new home for the list would be nice.

In March 1997, Peter Littlefield (a subscriber and parent of a child with CHD) approached one of his local Internet service provider, Magma Communications Ltd., about hosting the PDHeart list on their server, which provided better error management and a digest format. When Magma agreed to host the PDHeart list free of charge, Peter Littlefield set up the new list with the help of Magma and Yale. At that time, there were 148 list members.

The PDHeart web site was started shortly after the list moved to Magma. A list member had collected about 30 introductions and placed them on a web site. Those stories were the foundation for the Cardiac Kids web site, opened in March 1997.

In March 1999, ownership and management of PDHeart was transferred to The Congenital Heart Information Network (C.H.I.N.) and the list was transferred to the C.H.I.N. server.


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